IT (Information Technology) has really changed the way we all socialize.

 Since The public release of the World Wide Web, hundreds of new ways to communicate have popped up all over the Internet.

You can now call your close friend or family member for free even when they are all the way on the other side of the World. The most popular Service for making online video/voice phone calls from your PC is Skype.
Email also lets you easily get in touch with anyone wherever in the world they are. What email is regularly used for business instead of writing letters and printing out and sending out in the post.


Social Networking websites let you socialize with others no matter wherever you are in the world, and it does not cost you a penny. 
Social networking websites are one of the most commonly used types of websites that are used daily whilst on a computer. In fact, this is one of the most common uses of a computer.  
Socializing websites come in all different shapes and sizes, and are used for all different types of things. Some are used for chat, some are used for games, some are used for business and others are used for music and video.


IT has brought thousands of new jobs to the industry, which today's world would not be able to live without due to how much we rely on these jobs.
Programming is a really beneficial and popular job in the IT industry. 


Whilst IT serves you with lots of information and social media that would likely be impossible without IT, IT is also a massive threat to your health, personal data and security.

Malwares (Viruses, worms and Trojan horses) are usually designed to infect your Operating system and a lot of times lead to you wiping your HDD and reinstalling. A virus is usually embedded in a file, worm pretends to be a program, and a Trojan Horse asks you to run the program that it pretends to be, and then it normally infects the PC in the worst way.

IT can affect your health negatively because with computers screens and TV screens is all made of light, and you are staring straight into the light from no more than a metre, and you are not meant to stare into light, so in the long run, if you are spending too much time playing those video games or talking to your cyber friends, it can really damage your eyes.